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.。.✿---Welcome to raShi's Buzz ---✿.。.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

--A coffee in a rainy evening--

Shutting windows and making leaves dance for Zumba ..
The wind blew away heavily..
Music it played passing my apartment was bringing peace to ears..
Went to the kitchen and made myself a coffee with amazing aroma..
And sat at the best place on earth to be..

Could there be anything better to enjoy than this..
Looking through the window while sitting near the windowsill ..
Earth woman switched off the lights for the day..
And here it began to get gloomy and misty..

People walk down the streets..
And with a huge wind that blew away across us..
Brought tiny drops of water, fall from the heaven sky..
So those water drops start to pour over those green leaves..
Making sparkles across, like they are in a competition..

Now I see people run for cover..
And some had umbrellas in their hands..
Some had no shelter to run to..
Thunders it made, scare the little boys who were playing in the rain..
Lighting stopped my heart beat for a second..

While sipping my coffee I wished you were here..
Right next to me, cuddling me..
Would be the perfect twosome..
But you are gone..
Will I ever see you again..

While I was worrying alone..
The tears fell down from my face..
Like it can’t be second to those rain drops..
Sipping my coffee..
I look out of the window..

The couple, that walk by..
Seems very happy and content..
Not that they are looking rich nor having luxuries..
But those people..
Had the most expensive gift called "happiness"  

Under those street lights..
I saw her wide smiles..
Through those shadows ..
I noticed how caring he was..
Those genuine smiles said it all..


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