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.。.✿---Welcome to raShi's Buzz ---✿.。.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

--A coffee in a rainy evening--

Shutting windows and making leaves dance for Zumba ..
The wind blew away heavily..
Music it played passing my apartment was bringing peace to ears..
Went to the kitchen and made myself a coffee with amazing aroma..
And sat at the best place on earth to be..

Could there be anything better to enjoy than this..
Looking through the window while sitting near the windowsill ..
Earth woman switched off the lights for the day..
And here it began to get gloomy and misty..

People walk down the streets..
And with a huge wind that blew away across us..
Brought tiny drops of water, fall from the heaven sky..
So those water drops start to pour over those green leaves..
Making sparkles across, like they are in a competition..

Now I see people run for cover..
And some had umbrellas in their hands..
Some had no shelter to run to..
Thunders it made, scare the little boys who were playing in the rain..
Lighting stopped my heart beat for a second..

While sipping my coffee I wished you were here..
Right next to me, cuddling me..
Would be the perfect twosome..
But you are gone..
Will I ever see you again..

While I was worrying alone..
The tears fell down from my face..
Like it can’t be second to those rain drops..
Sipping my coffee..
I look out of the window..

The couple, that walk by..
Seems very happy and content..
Not that they are looking rich nor having luxuries..
But those people..
Had the most expensive gift called "happiness"  

Under those street lights..
I saw her wide smiles..
Through those shadows ..
I noticed how caring he was..
Those genuine smiles said it all..


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

--Like that love will not be gone out of my breath--

That touch will always be touched by my heart..
That words will be always remembered by my mind..
That smile will never erased in my soul..
Like that love will not be gone out of my breath..

This is what I have come to see..
Those who believe will always dream..
The miracles could exist as you say..
Like that love will not be gone out of my breath ..

Thoughts of you will be running in my blood day and night..
Time will heal every wound that made..
Thinking about what we are make who we are..
Like that love will not be gone out of my breath..

Torch could light in an emergency..
That is exactly how you came into my life..
Taught me that people like you exist in this world..
Like that love will not be gone out of my breath..

Saturday, March 31, 2012

---The Gone One---

It’s like a man who is in the desert...
Searching for a drop of water...
My mind mingles about you all the time...
My heart is searching our love story...
Even in dreams I get to see you but not in real life...
Could this be a dream I live on...
I still can’t believe you are gone...
My heart feels the emptiness 
That my mind can’t speak of...
Would you be gone for real...
For real I mean I want to play it all again...
But knowing you are long gone...
Would I be able to live it up alone here...
You still give me hope...
Your jokes are still remembered...
I want to see your smiles again...
That smile made me alive...
Wish you hear me now...
I would not have let you go...
If your love was pure...
But know I wish if I could forgive u once more...
For that I could have you again...
My love for you will never die...
Do you think of me once in a while...
Wish you miss me like I miss you...
Convincing me is not enough though...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

-- The Beautiful Life --

It can be a good bye..
 but it is for you for your happiness..
 it is not wrapped with guilty..
 but with the same old me.. 

It is was just different from normal jealousy..
 but it was covered with what you all wanted and you were all trusted..
 it is a miracle as you named me..  
 but it’s that I could not stop falling in love..

It is just too long...
 but I was restless because I was waiting ..
 it was the feeling I felt as always..
 but that was just silence left in me..

Its true and obvious..you run for what u can get..
 but often you don’t try to get what you can’t..
 it was the fox who we learnt at past..
 but there are many still given up..

It is the best thing I could do only for you..
 but inside 10000 volcanoes flow by
 I would just smile all fake
 but everyone will be all fine then..

It was the forgiving part that always exists in me..
 but I never knew that you are a strong rock..
 it was a good step you took..
 but why not in a friendly way..

 It was not rude not talking to me..
  but to hide things behind this blind folded eyes..
  its the shattered faith which is picking and fixing which are all broken..
  but the people just exist and run away from you..

By Kavindya Prashadi Bandara

-- The True Love --

Want to hug so tightly again..
Wanna feel you close again..
Wanna cuddle with you again..
Wanna feel dat feeling again..
Omg.. it was..
Days were few....
But the fun was there for its maximum...
I want to keep that person forevr ...
Who made me feel this much loved..
True... its true...
Days will fly so fast..
As it alwys does for me..
The day will be coming soon ...
The day you will be mine forever..
I would better write this down..
Scratching on a sea shell or on a rock and keep it forever...?
Time please dont forget to kock the door when you arrive ..
Because I may be busy with my stuff ..
That doesnt mean I have forgotten...
Till that day come and knock ma door and
Make my dream world blast and take me to the reality
When ever I feel like I need you close to me...
I would just close my eyes...
Then I'm with you..

By Kavindya Prashadi Bandara