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Monday, October 10, 2011

-- Love For a Life --

Sun is bright and deep..
Flowers smiling and dancing to the rythem of blowing wind..
While butterflies peek a boo..
Lying down under a friendly shady tree..
Wondering if life could be any better..

He put his hand around her..
While singing his love song to her..
She who blushed and loved..
Lauched her story to his rythem of humming.. 
Its just a month baby..
We have a whole life to spend..
She thought while letting the flow of her dreams to fly high..

She was walking in those roads of years ahead of them..
Looking around and moving along the foot..
She felt how lucky she was to have him beside her
The road was not smoothy and soft but
They had them and that was enough..

She built her dream house and had their babies..
She had her dream ride and her caring husband next to her..
She enjoyed all that and she could not ask for more..
The love has found her ..
Her dreams have come true..

He who was busy singing his songs to her..
Turned up to her excited face..
And kissed her forehead with love..
Said "Be Mine Forever"
She hugged him tight..
Whispered "I Love You"
While thinking the beauty of their love and the imperfections
Made their life good~!

By Kavindya Bandara
On 10/10/2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

--The Moon-Light Dance--

To flow in a rhythm...
As the words fabricate splashes in the mind...
I wanted to let someone I know...
That when the dark days get brighter...
It will always remember...

Would that all gone with the wind...
As it blew through the world of mine...
Watch it all through the eye of an eagle...
And dress all fancy for the Moon- Light dance...
Because tonight the stars will be there at the disco- sky...

Hold me in and keep the step into de heart beat...
Dance for the music of life...
Face the real me of it because it’s real me...
Whatever had missed would be forgiven...
Tonight at Moon- Light Dance...

Under that knight's blue sky...
When the candle lights just adding little brighter to her face...
Fight to be the one who would keep that smile forever...
Adding silver dust to her blissed-out face...
Her blue eyes to trust and see through darkness...
Beyond roses’ thorn which have to be seen...
See the beauty it adds tonight at Moon-Light Dance…
Written By : Kavindya Prashadi (09/05/2011)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

--The place i called school would be --

It was ordinary..
To you and to me..
Friends, studies, freedom that purpose to be
Books and teachers who taught you the life and all..
where you eat not only at the interval

Then u hated but now u love..
Is the place i called school would be.. 

The lifestyle is dreamt around the play ground..
The homework i always hate..
Staring at the black board with my own imaginations..
Made me have a laugh once in a while..
trying to escape from the class classified of boring periods
and the girls things all the way..
Is the place i called school would be..

Here comes the maths period..oh the science no music..
The teachers who are devils and clamare ..
The punishments for talking or for peeping..
Where the teacher's favourite be pride and shine..
Sometimes calm but not quiet at all..
Is the place i called school would be..

When the principle walk around..
The innocent people are everywhere could be found..
Nope, not at the cafeteria nor walking around..
Even teachers are scared, where do they hide and frown
Where the songs play at the interval and gossips stretch
Melody's at the end of each period that wakes us up..
Is the place i called school would be..

Where all of us try to keep the uniform neat ..
Hate morning meetings and exercise sessions ..
Oh don’t remind me when they say your gown is above knees ..
Yes take the pin and unfold the edge..
Pining papers to edge of the uniform..
Or asking where the house badge or ribbon for hair plaits
Is the place i called school would be..

Oh where we always swear i would never be late again..
But in the next day they are late again..
The favorite place is where i get to touch the mic..
Tell the favorite quote or news everyday mornings...
But end of the day when bells sings its song..
Where i pulled my bag and lined up decent..
Is the place i called school would be..

Friday, January 21, 2011

-- The new experience --

I am running to 4 years back just to grab those exciting and cool memories of mine..
I still remember and feel the sprit I felt then .. 
I had no fear as my mother was near..
I loved the gardens full of trees and big roses, free ways and highways i saw for the first time..
I felt strong but missing all my loved ones but warmth of my mother was there..

Still remember how surprise I was ..
So finally I made my dream come true..
Seriously I was having cold blood running through ..and
Shortly the time arrived to keep my foot on
So called beauteous continent Australia..

It is full of its own beauty and the uniqueness..
It made me meet the most friendly people I ever met..
It's multicultural traditions of different nationalities....is the reason
It holds the opportunity for me to be different.. and
Its full of surprises and experience for stepping future..

Smoothly with the time, it appeared to be normal..
Sometimes I felt lonely and ran back to those..
Soften memories I grabbed from that Pearl Island..
Scarcely kept behind..and
Scrumptiousness would never leave..

I may be different from who I used to be..
I am now who I would love to be..
I do love the mixed cultured look inside me..
I won’t forget my pride and who I born to be..
I love my life in Australia "young and free"..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

--- The only question---

Suddenly her world seemed falling apart..
All her loved memories just sinking infront of her eyes..
She does not know whether to cry or just stare or scream at..
But wonder what happened to her life ; her everything that she compared...
If  “ I Love You” is the first to broken by him..
I wonder how many more to list behind..
When she still believes in his words..
The only question is that you truly loved her o not..

It’s just that i had not done anything to claim ..
Yet miss-understanding killed another creature in that street..
Wonder if all the people you speak to are saps
Or are they just blind or deaf or are deceived?
For all that if I say I never bothered about..
But because I care..
The only question is that you truly loved her o not..

I would wish that kind of a woe story would never to knit..
Around my enemy nor my best friends..
The excuses are lame and answers yet unspoken..
But you covered yourself with that coat of guilty and sinful..
When silence is ruling in all the nights you smiled..
The only question is that you truly loved her o not..

To be lucky enough to loved truly o not.. 
May be that’s her fate the misfortune..
If your mother or sister or your own aunt are women 
Why does a guy treat a girl who loves him in that way..
She may not be your relation yet .,
She truly loved you in each and every way..
Just for who you are.. Keeping your faults behind..
When her tears rolls down on pink cheeks .. 
The only question is that you truly loved her o not..

Its her pure love that she always show..
With plentiful broken pieces full of her hands ..
Yet she loves those dreams she dreamt..
And cute the way she drags him to every wonderful memory she speaks..
By showing the world that she still adore that guy who never valued..
With all that pity -full smiles behind..
When she drops the flow of her speech and looks empty..
The only question is that you truly loved her o not..

Friday, January 14, 2011

--The little hope--

felt by heart... spoken by the whisperer..to the heart of moon..
to feel that warmth and the coolness..
when sun said another see you tomorrow for rest of the world..
it was felt that the moon is not here yet to say its favorite hello~!
and birds were way too different in singing the sad songs ...
knowing that bunny wont be listening all those as its welcome song for a creamy night..
sun; sigh before it sets for some rest ..
but wasnt resting peacefully.. was shown by the pink and orange rays it left behind..
before the black blanket covers it all up..
it whispered to itself will you be missing me like the way i do..
only the fake lights made that night lightered up...
every star felt that something is not right..
and underestimated the power of moon and sun..
but surly the importance of moon was only felt by sun..
because others not give a big notice to look for it..
it seems ages .. birds thought .. because.. then de sun has fallen asleep with its tiredness of waiting..
and after heaps of worrying..
though it wasnt feeling like giving a rise..
it had a little hope of meeting moon ..
at the end of day..
so it smiled again for another bright day...
keeping that little hope behind..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

-- Tell Me --

Tell me .."we were happy"..
Tell me... “we had us”..
Tell me ..”you were not alone”..
When all the birds flew over the sinking sun..

Tell me.." I were busy" ...
Tell me..."you should be strong like you are"..
Tell me .." I’ll be with you"...
Even though night sky has no moon..

Tell me... you will always smile..
Tell me .. you have not changed..
Tell me... you won’t forget me..
Till all the sweet memories last..

Tell me... there is no tomorrow to suffer..
Tell me.. you‘ll be always be mine ...
Tell me.. you believe in dreams and faith..
Though I won’t mind the second line would be lost in a dream...

Tell me .. the universe change in every minute..
Tell me life is all about making changes..
Tell me I am not grown up yet to understand this cruel world...
Till I say good bye to creamy moon tonight... 

-- Touched --

How awesome it is to look at the blue sky ...
Till you realise that the sky is all alone with no moon or stars around..
There were days that I could walk in dark with closed eyes even..
But the world has given me a new lense for my glases..
I have no choice but to wear them.. Until they take them back again..

You never know how thankful I am to you...
For being there and for ligting the matches in these freezing nights.. 
It doesn't make much warmer but the confidence which build up in me strong ..
To walk in this dark streets in the dark nights...
With you , where I won't be lonely..
I would keep my step forward .. 
There i won't be falling apart ..

You never know how deep ur words would placed in my heart..
Though it is a desert .. I will stand up if you call my name ..
You give the refreshment to my life..
I would never get tired of listning to the softness of ur voice..
You have been the bestest among the best people I have met..
I would be not dead real but be burried inside me .. On the day you leave this world.... 

Life log: P.R. Kavindya p. Bandara