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.。.✿---Welcome to raShi's Buzz ---✿.。.

Monday, October 10, 2011

-- Love For a Life --

Sun is bright and deep..
Flowers smiling and dancing to the rythem of blowing wind..
While butterflies peek a boo..
Lying down under a friendly shady tree..
Wondering if life could be any better..

He put his hand around her..
While singing his love song to her..
She who blushed and loved..
Lauched her story to his rythem of humming.. 
Its just a month baby..
We have a whole life to spend..
She thought while letting the flow of her dreams to fly high..

She was walking in those roads of years ahead of them..
Looking around and moving along the foot..
She felt how lucky she was to have him beside her
The road was not smoothy and soft but
They had them and that was enough..

She built her dream house and had their babies..
She had her dream ride and her caring husband next to her..
She enjoyed all that and she could not ask for more..
The love has found her ..
Her dreams have come true..

He who was busy singing his songs to her..
Turned up to her excited face..
And kissed her forehead with love..
Said "Be Mine Forever"
She hugged him tight..
Whispered "I Love You"
While thinking the beauty of their love and the imperfections
Made their life good~!

By Kavindya Bandara
On 10/10/2011


  1. nice and touching, Thanks for sharing :)
    Just need to add something to the quote in your pic...
    "Love is when you give someone the power to break you but trusting not to" and
    "True love is to give that opportunity to someone who loves you..."

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    1. Hi Thanura, It was really nice of you to stopping by to leave a lovely comment. Thanks for the kind words and cheering me up :).. and so true.. i agree with your quote as well.. please pay a visit when you get a free time again!!..