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.。.✿---Welcome to raShi's Buzz ---✿.。.

Friday, January 14, 2011

--The little hope--

felt by heart... spoken by the whisperer..to the heart of moon..
to feel that warmth and the coolness..
when sun said another see you tomorrow for rest of the world..
it was felt that the moon is not here yet to say its favorite hello~!
and birds were way too different in singing the sad songs ...
knowing that bunny wont be listening all those as its welcome song for a creamy night..
sun; sigh before it sets for some rest ..
but wasnt resting peacefully.. was shown by the pink and orange rays it left behind..
before the black blanket covers it all up..
it whispered to itself will you be missing me like the way i do..
only the fake lights made that night lightered up...
every star felt that something is not right..
and underestimated the power of moon and sun..
but surly the importance of moon was only felt by sun..
because others not give a big notice to look for it..
it seems ages .. birds thought .. because.. then de sun has fallen asleep with its tiredness of waiting..
and after heaps of worrying..
though it wasnt feeling like giving a rise..
it had a little hope of meeting moon ..
at the end of day..
so it smiled again for another bright day...
keeping that little hope behind..

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