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.。.✿---Welcome to raShi's Buzz ---✿.。.

Friday, January 21, 2011

-- The new experience --

I am running to 4 years back just to grab those exciting and cool memories of mine..
I still remember and feel the sprit I felt then .. 
I had no fear as my mother was near..
I loved the gardens full of trees and big roses, free ways and highways i saw for the first time..
I felt strong but missing all my loved ones but warmth of my mother was there..

Still remember how surprise I was ..
So finally I made my dream come true..
Seriously I was having cold blood running through ..and
Shortly the time arrived to keep my foot on
So called beauteous continent Australia..

It is full of its own beauty and the uniqueness..
It made me meet the most friendly people I ever met..
It's multicultural traditions of different nationalities....is the reason
It holds the opportunity for me to be different.. and
Its full of surprises and experience for stepping future..

Smoothly with the time, it appeared to be normal..
Sometimes I felt lonely and ran back to those..
Soften memories I grabbed from that Pearl Island..
Scarcely kept behind..and
Scrumptiousness would never leave..

I may be different from who I used to be..
I am now who I would love to be..
I do love the mixed cultured look inside me..
I won’t forget my pride and who I born to be..
I love my life in Australia "young and free"..

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