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.。.✿---Welcome to raShi's Buzz ---✿.。.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

-- Touched --

How awesome it is to look at the blue sky ...
Till you realise that the sky is all alone with no moon or stars around..
There were days that I could walk in dark with closed eyes even..
But the world has given me a new lense for my glases..
I have no choice but to wear them.. Until they take them back again..

You never know how thankful I am to you...
For being there and for ligting the matches in these freezing nights.. 
It doesn't make much warmer but the confidence which build up in me strong ..
To walk in this dark streets in the dark nights...
With you , where I won't be lonely..
I would keep my step forward .. 
There i won't be falling apart ..

You never know how deep ur words would placed in my heart..
Though it is a desert .. I will stand up if you call my name ..
You give the refreshment to my life..
I would never get tired of listning to the softness of ur voice..
You have been the bestest among the best people I have met..
I would be not dead real but be burried inside me .. On the day you leave this world.... 

Life log: P.R. Kavindya p. Bandara

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  1. Anonymous25/3/11 05:55

    Simply u deserve better