.。.✿---Welcome to raShi's Buzz ---✿.。.

.。.✿---Welcome to raShi's Buzz ---✿.。.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

-- Tell Me --

Tell me .."we were happy"..
Tell me... “we had us”..
Tell me ..”you were not alone”..
When all the birds flew over the sinking sun..

Tell me.." I were busy" ...
Tell me..."you should be strong like you are"..
Tell me .." I’ll be with you"...
Even though night sky has no moon..

Tell me... you will always smile..
Tell me .. you have not changed..
Tell me... you won’t forget me..
Till all the sweet memories last..

Tell me... there is no tomorrow to suffer..
Tell me.. you‘ll be always be mine ...
Tell me.. you believe in dreams and faith..
Though I won’t mind the second line would be lost in a dream...

Tell me .. the universe change in every minute..
Tell me life is all about making changes..
Tell me I am not grown up yet to understand this cruel world...
Till I say good bye to creamy moon tonight... 

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  1. Anonymous25/3/11 05:51

    I will if u give me a chance :)