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Saturday, February 11, 2012

-- The Beautiful Life --

It can be a good bye..
 but it is for you for your happiness..
 it is not wrapped with guilty..
 but with the same old me.. 

It is was just different from normal jealousy..
 but it was covered with what you all wanted and you were all trusted..
 it is a miracle as you named me..  
 but it’s that I could not stop falling in love..

It is just too long...
 but I was restless because I was waiting ..
 it was the feeling I felt as always..
 but that was just silence left in me..

Its true and obvious..you run for what u can get..
 but often you don’t try to get what you can’t..
 it was the fox who we learnt at past..
 but there are many still given up..

It is the best thing I could do only for you..
 but inside 10000 volcanoes flow by
 I would just smile all fake
 but everyone will be all fine then..

It was the forgiving part that always exists in me..
 but I never knew that you are a strong rock..
 it was a good step you took..
 but why not in a friendly way..

 It was not rude not talking to me..
  but to hide things behind this blind folded eyes..
  its the shattered faith which is picking and fixing which are all broken..
  but the people just exist and run away from you..

By Kavindya Prashadi Bandara

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