.。.✿---Welcome to raShi's Buzz ---✿.。.

.。.✿---Welcome to raShi's Buzz ---✿.。.

Friday, July 22, 2016

-- The Pure Love --

Your love is so pure..
Pours down from the top of your heart..
You came to my life when I never expected..
Never have I believed in true love..

Until you show up and make everything perfect..

Please fly with me out of the miseries..
Let's build the nest of understanding..
Together we could be the happiest ..
See me for who I am and out of the glitter..
My love for you grows like fire that caught in bushes..

It will never stop but... 

be like the ocean that has no end..
Hold me tight for now..
Let's cross this hurricane together..
Because pure love can make miracles happen..

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